Chief Minister Relief Fund Scholarship – Check WB নবান্ন স্কলারশিপ Nabanna Scholarship Details

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The procedure of submitting applications through the Nabanna Scholarship Application Form has officially started. Everyone who is interested in being considered for the Chief Minister Scholarship may submit an application for consideration. The applicants who meet the requirements for this scholarship will be informed of the amount that they will receive.

The WB Chief Minister Relief Fund was established with the purpose of providing assistance to the residents of the state. The Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal has granted approval for several groups to receive financial support, which may be broken down as follows:

  • Problems with one’s health that need pricey medical care
  • Students with academic promise come from low-income backgrounds and have their sights set on completing their higher education.
  • The destruction of property and the interruption of income streams as a result of natural disasters, accidents on the road, fires, and other mishaps.

Chief Minister Relief Fund Scholarship 2023

Chief Minister Relief Fund Scholarship

Aspirants who are interested in receiving the benefits of the Chief Minister Scholarship will be required to submit an application form for this. The Nabanna Scholarship application procedure, including the submission of the form, will only be available to be completed in an offline format. Below you will find an explanation of every aspect of this programme, including who is eligible, how much money will be given, and how to fill out the application.

People living in poverty in the state, as well as students, will get financial assistance from the WB CM’s Relief Fund. There were those who referred to it as the WBCMO Scholarship, others named it the Nabanna Scholarship, and still, others referred to it as the Scholarship Form. However, in reality, it is a relief fund known as the Chief Minister Relief Fund.

Type of Scholarship under CM Relief Fund

This scheme has two parts, which are described below.

  1. Medical Assistance
  2. Educational Assistance

Medical Assistance

People who come from low-income homes and have a medical condition that demands costly treatment but whose families are unable to pay for it are eligible for medical assistance, which may be of great assistance to these individuals.

In such a circumstance, he or she is eligible to submit an application for Chief Minister Relief Fund. In this scenario, the cost of treatment will be covered by the government if the individual is qualified for the scheme in concern.

Educational Assistance

Students from the state who have the desire to further their education but are currently struggling financially will be eligible for financial assistance from the Educational Assistance programme. Students who meet these criteria may submit an application for the Chief Minister Scholarship.

  • Higher Secondary Level Scholarship
  • Graduation Level Scholarship
  • Post Graduate Level Scholarship

Chief Minister Relief Fund Eligibility

The applicants who meet the criteria for the West Bengal Chief Minister Scholarship will get the appropriate amount. The following is a summary of the qualifying requirements for each of the Nabanna Scholarship programmes:

For Medical Assistance

  • In order to apply, you must be a permanent resident of West Bengal.
  • Patients from disadvantaged backgrounds are receiving medical care at government or non-government institutions but are unable to pay the costs of such hospitals or institutions as well as their treatment.
  • Patients who are not qualified to receive the advantages provided by the Employees State Insurance Scheme or any other insurance programme
  • The patient is only allowed one opportunity to get assistance during a given year.

For Educational Assistance

  • All applicants must be legal residents of West Bengal state who are currently enrolled in any educational programme offered by the state.
  • Candidates who do not benefit in any way from any scholarship or stipend offered for the same course of study.
  • The candidate’s family should not have an annual income that is more than 60,000 rupees.
  • The applicants are required to have completed their 10th grade with a grade point average of 65% for the Higher Secondary Level, their 12th grade with a grade point average of 60% for the Graduation Level, and their Graduation with a grade point average of 55% for the Post Graduate Level.

Required Documents for WB Nabanna Scholarship

For Medical Assistance

  • Details about the patient’s admission, such as the expected surgery date and any relevant medical records.
  • The certificate clearly refers to the family’s regular monthly income, signed by a District Magistrate, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Block Development Officer, or Group A Government Officer who is not below the level of Deputy Commissioner of Corporation or Executive Officer in the case of Municipality.
  • A certificate stating the availability (or lack thereof) of monetary aid or reimbursement from the employer. Employer-issued pay certification indicating the medical allowance was received.
  • Recommendation made by an elected representative of the people (MP/MLA) to the Honorable Chief Minister of the Government of West Bengal.
  • In the event of a kidney transplant, the patient is required to provide a No Objection Certificate (in the event that the donor is not a blood relative) from the Health Department, Government of West Bengal, Salt Lake, Kolkata, or an Affidavit (in the event that the donor is a blood relative) from the First Class Judicial Magistrate (original/attested). Both of these documents must be original.
  • Contact information.

For Educational Assistance

  • Copy of Mark Sheets.
  • Rank Card & Allotment Letter.
  • Certificate of Monthly Income attested to by the DM, SDO, BDO, or Group-
  • An officer of the government who does not have a level lower than that of Jt. B.D.O./Executive Officer in the case of
  • Municipality/Deputy Commissioner of Corporation.
  • Recommendation from the Member of Parliament or Legislative Assembly to the Honorable Chief Minister.
  • Student’s self-declaration.
  • Bank account information.
  • A duplicate copy of the receipt for the admission payments.
  • Contact Details.

How to Submit Application Form for Nabanna Scholarship

Those individuals who are interested in participating in this programme and receiving the advantages it has to offer may submit their offline applications for the Chief Minister Scholarship. The applicants may get the Nabanna Scholarship Application Form PDF 2023 on the department’s official website, which can be found at

Candidates who are in need of financial assistance from the Chief Minister Relief Fund may submit their signed application on plain paper together with the documentation that has been outlined above. Candidates are required to submit their applications to the postal address shown on this page.


The Assistant Secretary,

Chief Minister’s Office,


325, Sarat Chatterjee Road

Howrah – 711 102

You may get in touch with the authorities by calling the following telephone numbers: (033) 2214 1902 or (033) 2253 5278 if you have any questions.

Following the submission of the application form, the CMRF Cell will check the data you provided and the application form itself. If you meet the requirements for this programme, the scholarship money will be deposited into the bank account that you choose.

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