PNB Balance Check Number, Check Bank Balance Using SMS, App

PNB Balance Check Number, Punjab National Bank Customer Care Number for Checking Balance, PNB SMS Number to Check Bank Balance, PNB Missed Call Number to Check Account Balance.

Customers with PNB accounts have access to a wide variety of banking services, both online and offline. Clients can use any basic model of phone to access phone banking services, even if their bank does not provide an internet connection.

The mobile phone number that is registered to the account can use the PNB Phone banking services in order to check the account balance using either the missed call banking or the SMS banking options.

Customers of Punjab National Bank have multiple options, both online and offline, to inquire about their account balances. PNB Balance Inquiry can be made with the assistance of this guide in a variety of ways, including Missed Call Banking, SMS Banking, USSD, and WhatsApp, all of which are free of charge and are available around the clock and from any location in the country.

Check PNB Account Balance

PNB Bank Balance Check

  • Customer Toll-Free Numbers.
    • 1800 180 2222 (Toll-Free number).
    • 1800 103 2222 (Toll-Free number).
    • 0120 2490000 (Tolled number).
  • E-Mail ID: [email protected].
  • Missed Call Banking: 1800 180 2223 and tolled number 0120-2303090.
  • SMS Banking:  Send BAL<space> 16 Digit Account Number to 5607040.
  • Balance Check by USSD Code: *99*42#.
  • WhatsApp Banking Number: N/A.

PNB Missed Call Banking

PNB users have the option of resolving their account balance inquiry by giving a missed call to PNB’s missed call balance check number, which is 1800 180 2223, or by calling the PNB toll-free number balance check, which is 0120-2303090. Both of these numbers can be found on the PNB website. The customer’s account balance will be sent to them by SMS and will be shown to them.

It is important to link your mobile number with your bank account before you are able to use the PNB balance check number missed call service. To enroll, go to the PNB branch that is most accessible for you or call their customer service number.

  • Make a missed call from the mobile phone that is associated with your PNB savings account.
  • Customers can register their mobile numbers for SMS notifications by going to the bank branch that is mostly situated near them.
  • They will receive a text message informing them of their PNB account balances (savings account, current account, cash credit, and overdraft)

PNB Bank Balance Check by SMS

Sending an SMS to check their balance is a simple and convenient option available to account holders. Consumers need to send the message “BAL” followed by a space and then their 16-digit account number to the PNB account balance check number 5607040. They will receive a message informing them of the total balance in their account.

PNB Account Balance Check By Internet Banking

In addition to the toll-free number that may be used to check your PNB balance, the bank also provides the option of PNB internet banking. However, in order to make use of this service, the customer must indicate their interest in doing so at the time they open their account with the banking institution.

They will receive a User ID and password from the bank, both of which will be required in order for them to access the account. By following the steps mentioned below, account holders will be able to check the balance of their respective PNB accounts:

  • After logging into your account, pick “Account Summary” from either the Dashboard or the menu located at the very top of the page. This will allow you to view the current balance of your account.
  • Via the PNB online banking service, account holders have the ability to enroll in digital statements.
  • To register for email statements, account holders simply only log in to their PNB online banking accounts, pick “Other Services,” then “Service Requests,” then “New Requests,” and finally, “Email Statement Registration.”

PNB Bank Balance Check By USSD

USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, allows users to access mobile banking services even if they do not possess a smartphone or an active data or internet connection. By adhering to these guidelines and using USSD, you will be able to check the balance of your PNB account.

  • Step one is to provide your phone number to the bank.
  • Launch the phone’s dialer, then enter *99*42# into the keypad.
  • Choose a language that is easy for you to understand and use.
  • Click the “Send” button after you have entered the first three letters, the IFSC code, or the two-digit bank code.
  • You can now check the balance of your account, obtain a summary of your transactions, etc.

Conclusion – You need to keep a positive balance in your account on a regular basis in order to enhance your financial status. Although it may seem tedious at first, it can help you avoid overdrawing your account and fix any problems you may be having.

This is a step that you should never neglect, regardless of the method you choose to keep track of your expenditures. This inquiry can be continued using the balance check numbers from PNB Bank.

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